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Horse education

Dressage training

Your horse receives with us a professional and equestrian dressage training from the remonte to the S level. Each horse is individually trained according to your wishes and promoted accordingly.

Competition participation

Our rider team is successful in equestrian and dressage horse tests as well as in dressage tests of the S-level.

Horse selling

We offer rideable and ready-to-ride horses for marketing. Talented young horses, horses for junior sports, easy-riding amateur horses, trained dressage horses up to Grand Prix.

Success ...

… does not come by itself. You need patience and respect for the individual time of development of each horse.

So that the
horses are fine

The daily handling of the horse is just as important as the training itself. Patience, peace, trust and respect are the prerequisites for effective work between horse and rider.

Best training conditions

Stefano Chesi

Stefano Chesi Dressage / Italy

„I’ve been working for Alessandro as a dressage rider for 2.5 years, it was a great time I learned a lot and besides the sensitivity that is needed to train young dressage horses, I’ve learned to be a rider Whether in the saddle or in dealing with horses, I am very grateful to Alessesandro for teaching me the basics of horse training. „During his time in his stable I understood the horse excuse for the first time with the knowledge and the Experiences that I gained at Dressage Alemani, I managed to make my way into self-employment.“

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